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Programs for Children:

Whole Quran Memorization Program

While these programs are outlined with children in mind, adults may also use them to memorize the Quran.

this program is for those who want to memorize the whole Quran. the aim is for the child to memorize the whole Quran in 6 years, that is, 5 Juz per year.

a child who starts memorizing the Quran at age 6 should be able to complete the memorization before age 12. the early years are best for memorization because the mind is quick in memorizing and retains well.

for a student to memorize 5 Juz in a year (100 pages a year) he/she has to memorize 2.5 pages per week or 1/2 page each weekday.

he/she should memorize 1/2 page a day for 5 days a week and revise the portion memorized over the weekend. thus, he/she will be able to memorize 1/2 Juz (10 pages) in one month and 5 Juz in 10 months, with occasional breaks in between and / or two months summer vacation break. the two free months may also be used for revision, tests, etc. However, revision shouldn't be limited to weekends and breaks; rather, the student should revise the memorized portions in daily prayers.

Goal: 1/2 page memorization per day, 5 days a week and two days revision / break per week.

note: students should revise memorized portion in prayers daily. parents / teachers should test student twice daily: once before memorizing new portion, the student should be tested in the previous portion and again after memorizing the new portion.

student should be provided tajweed Quran audio and should be encourged to listen to it and read with it and use it to improve their tajweed.

Time: after school, approximately 2 hours. the first 15 minutes should be spent testing the previous days portion. parents test student in previous portion. then student revises for 15 minutes if he doesn't know it well. afterward, student memorizes new portion approximately 1 hour. then parents test him/her in new and old portions.

weekly, student should be tested in the whole portion that he/she has memorized to date.

students should be given prizes and benefits upon successful memorization of each Juz to encourage and motivate him/her. After memorizing every several Juz, parents can hold a party/ceremony celebrating the students successful memorization, during which student is tested in various portions, recites with tarteel/tajweed some portions, read translation of some portion of the Quran, narrate a Quranic story such as the story of Yusuf عليه السلام or Musa عليه السلم  and receives an award. this not only encourages the student to continue working but also encourages other children and parents to memorize the Quran.