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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sort of website is this?
A: This is strictly an educational website providing Islamic information to interested individuals pertaining to mainstream and moderate Islamic ideology. Islam is the religion of moderation and this website has no connection with extremist views.

Q: What is this website for?
A: The aim of this website is to educate Muslims and enable them to propagate Islam to others.

Q: Who runs it?
A: is run and managed by volunteers.

Q: Why should i volunteer?
A: As a muslim, it is the job of muslims to learn, practice, and propagate Islam. Today, many muslims are ignorant of their religion. even those who aren't rarely preach. many others give a negative image of islam by conducting in unislamic behavior. By volunteering, you will get information that will enable you to learn about Islam, change your behavior to portray a positive image of islam, and also propagate islam to others.

Q: How do i volunteer?
A: Simply by signing up on the homepage.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to volunteer?
A: No, it is free. You don't have to pay anything ever!

Q: Will I have to provide my phone number or address?
A: Absolutely not. All correspondence is done through email. however, we require name of country to help you focus on people living in your area.

Q: I have volunteered. Now what?
A: you will receive an email with instructions as well as a membership package with material that you can study, links to websites and lectures, and booklets you can print for distribution. A guidance councilor will also contact your to help you with your work.

Q: I need further help regarding my work. who should i contact?
A: You can email your guidance councilor with any questions you may have. Your guidance councilor will be best able to help you since he/she will be acquainted with you. Should you need any other assistance, feel free to use the feedback form on the site or email .

Q: Do I get paid for my work?
A: We don't pay volunteers.

Q: Do I have to pay for the services?
A: This is a nonprofit organization. We do not charge for our services. You will never get requests for payment or donations from us. In rare occasions, if we need funds, requests for donations will be posted on our website. Never will we ask volunteers for donations through email.

Q: I'd like to make a donation. Is that possible?
A: While it is our policy not to ask for donations, you can send donations to our paypal account email for more information.

Q: I have received an email asking for donations in your name. Is this a legitimate email?
A:'s policy is not to ask for donations through email. Therefore, this is a fake email. Do not reply to it and do not send money to them. simply forward the email to and we'll take care of it.

Q: A guidance councelor asked me for donation. Should i give it to him/her?
A: Our guidance councelors are not allowed to ask for donations in the name of Please forward any correspondence regarding this to and we'll take care of it.

Q: How can I be sure that the information I receive is correct?
A: All information that you get from the website directly is verified to be correct and authentic islamic information according to Ahle-Sunnah wa Jama'a, that is mainstream Islam. Our guidance councelors are also trustible preachers. and while they assist you in your work and answer your questions, all islamic learning and preaching material that you receive is sent directly from the website and not by the guidance councilor. if however, you have doubt regarding anything you have received from a guidance councilor and want to verify its authenticity, don't hesitate to forward it to .

Q: I received a link to a website that is doubtful.
A: Just forward the email to and we'll look into it.

Q: How do I unvolunteer?
A: You can choose not to receive further mailings from Email your guidance councelor or use the feedback form to unsubscribe. remember to give the email address you joined with and your volunteer id#.

Q: I have opted not to receive mailings but i still get occasional mailings.
A: Once in a while all volunteers and former volunteers get a mailing reminding them the rewards of preaching. However, you need not worry about this as you will only get this once or twice a year.

Q: i have a question that i didn't find an answer to.
A: Feel free to email your questions to or use the feedback form.

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