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Two-year Islamic Study Program:

Course Title: Quran & Islamic Studies And Dawah

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About the Course

Two Year Islamic Studies Program is a comprehensive Islamic Study course divided into 8 quarterly semesters. Each quarterly semester is to be studied in three months. Study Material is available online and / or through email. Online study material is free but shipping charges apply to material students wish to receive in the mail. Some books may need to be purchased. Alternately, you can get your own material as listed on the suggested study material list.

There is no registration fee or tuition fee to join the program. the program is currently offered twice a year. Spring session begins on March. 15 and registration deadline for the Spring session is Feb. 21. Autumn session begins September 15 and Registration deadline for the autumn session is August 15.  Registration needs to be done only once. Afterward, with the successful completion of each quarter's study program and exams/assignment submission.

Annual Exams in selected material will be conducted in the presence of an individual (or exam center) authorized by Islamic Information e-service. This individual or exam center will be chosen by you, the student, and any costs for exams will be incurred by you. Annual Exam will be mailed to them and exam content may not be disclosed to the student until the time of exam. More information about exams will be sent to course-takers in time. The exam is a three-hour exam consisting of multiple choice questions and essay questions. Exam will be in selected material from the whole year's program. You will be informed of the material to be studied for the exam in advance.

Why an annual exam instead of a quarterly or semiannual exam? the main reason is that this will allow the student to revise important material and retain necessary information.

Semi-Annual Assignments: In the two-year program, students have to complete semi-annual assignments (in addition to any monthly or quarterly exams). Information regarding Assignments will be sent at the start of the 2nd and 4th quarters. Assignment deadlines are: August 31 and Feb 28. Assignment may be submitted at anytime during the quarter but no later than the deadline dates. Assignments may be submitted using email, online submission, or mail. If an assignment consists of audio (for example speech recording), it must be sent through mail. In that case, it should be post-marked before the deadline date. Late receipts may be dismissed and will require resubmitting the assignment by the end of the next quarter. Failed assignments also have to be redone and submitted by the end of the next quarter.

Mode of instruction: guided self-study. Every quarter, students are emailed course material in Zip format which they must study during the quarter. Self tests and quizzes are also emailed as well as any assignment material. Self-tests are not to be mailed to the center. Completed quizzes must be emailed or mailed and are graded and kept on file in student records. Students don't receive their grades on quizzes but are informed whether they passed or failed and they must retake the quiz that was failed and resend the answers to the center. At the end of the year, students receive transcripts for quizzes and exams taken.

Students are advised to print all study material, tests, supplements, assignments, and calendars and use the printed form for study purpose. This will enable the student to study more effectively and efficiently.

If student opts to receive material through mail, they receive the whole year's study material at the start of the year (divided into 4 packages). Student must pay for shipping and material costs.


Program Details*: (This is not a complete list of course material.)

First Year:

During year 1, students will read Juz 21 - 30 with translation. Recitation with tajweed preferred.

1st Quarterly semester:


2nd Quarterly semester

Assignment: Research Report: Islamic History - Topic: "Islam's effect on the world"


3rd Quarterly semester


4th Quarterly semester

Assignment: Tafsir of any Surah: Use it to give a speech/presentation to an audience and supplement it with handouts/booklets/etc. (Audio /video format along with any powerpoint presentation and handouts to be mailed to IIE) (Assignment may be submitted with final exam)

Final Exam to be conducted by Feb 15 (Spring Session) or August 15 (Autumn Session).


Second Year:

During Year 2, students will read Juz 11 - 20 with translation. Recitation with Tajweed preferred.

5th Quarterly semester:


6th Quarterly semester

Assignment: Research Report: Islamic Law Development or Islamic law in the world today or Islamic law is the answer to the worlds problems


7th Quarterly semester


8th Quarterly semester

Assignment: A. Presentation: Choose a community (any region, religion, or sect), research their beliefs and lifestyles, and prepare a presentation on how to preach to them in a persuasive and influential manner. Include possible questions you might be asked and how you would answer them. B. Da'wah Practice: Speak to members of this or other community about Islam and summarize what you spoke to them about, what was their reaction, what questions they asked and how you answered them. (both parts are compulsory).


*course material may change without notice.

After completing the two year program, you will be awarded an Associates Degree in Quran And Islamic Study & Da'wah

You may follow the course with a 1 year course in Da'wah Work and Advanced Studies and Get the BA Honors Degree in Quran And Islamic Study & Da'wah. The BA 1 year top-up program is divided into two 6-month semesters. The final exam of each semester is to be taken under the supervision of Islamic Information e-Service official.  The exam is a comprehensive exam consisting of material from the whole three-year program.

Third year's study includes recitation of Juz 1 - 10 with translation. Tajweed preferred.


For students whose native language is not English or who have not earned a degree or diploma from an accredited institution where English is the primary language of instruction:

Prerequisite for receiving degree : Completed TOEFL Test with a score of ***500*** on a paper based test (TOEFL) or a score of ***70*** on the Internet based test (IBT). This may be obtained before registering or any time before graduation from the two-year program. Test results should be submitted to Islamic Information e-Service by the time student takes second year final exam to avoid delay. Students who don't take the test or obtain marks less than ***70*** will not get their degree until successful passing of TOEFL Test.

For more information go to .

Other acceptable test results: 6.0 on the International English Language Test (IELTS) ( ); 44 on the Pearson Test of English Language Acedemic Score Report (PTE Academy) ( ) or equivalent.

Please contact student service regarding other acceptable English certification. Please note that online certification such as BrainBench are not accepted.


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Prerequisite for enrollment in the program: High school diploma OR tenth-grade pass certificate.


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